Want Factory Stock or Supercar like architecture for everyday your sportsman drag racing?

We've created an SFI pre-certified roller for the new Direct Connection Late-Model HEMI© RedEye Crate Engine!

Our Painted and Assembled Roller Chassis models start at 24K

Our new TWISTED TRAKPAK Duster conversion is an available rolling chassis, or complete turnkey race car.  This chassis is designed for the Door classes including NMCA Specialty and the Modern Street HEMI Shootout Pro and SuperPro Classes.  Available in three final assembly configurations and many HIPO Colors. Other custom options also available. 


Take a look at our 70-72 A-Body Duster based TWISTED Late Model HEMI RedEye conversion.

These models are built from select 1970-1976 Plymouth Duster cores from used classic car market inventory.

At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used rust-free cores we can find on the market. Low Mileage, salt-free cores taken from the dry West and Southern United States climates. We never cut up the high-demand models: so you won't find the 340, GTS VIN's or Superstocks in our assembly line. However, if thats the model what you have, we can certainly convert yours for you.

Each A-Body Plymouth core is hand-selected from the market, fully disassembled, soda/sand and water blasted, and then converted into killer door slammers, that get the NHRA pre-approval before delivery to the customer.



Pre-assembled Rollers are built with the following:


  • 7.50 ET certified chromoly tube roll cage and frame
  • Racetech lightweight FIA certified seats
  • SFI & FIA certified safety harnesses
  • Window net and driveshaft loop
  • Watson Racing cross-form parachute & integrated mount



  • AJE or Reilly Motorsports front Suspension
  • Manual steering rack (15:1 ratio)
  • Reinforced Unibody using US Car Tool braces


  • Four-Link Rear Suspension with Wishbone
  • Exact geometry for consistent performance
  • Bilstein double-adjustable coil overs
  • Drag Race Anti-roll bar
  • Strange Engineering axle kit
  • 9" Aluminum center section
  • 40 Spline gun-drilled "Hy-Tuf" axles
  • Various options for final drive ratio
  • Race Aluminum 4" Driveshaft
  • Spicer 1350 u-joints & hardware
  • 15" Wilwood front & rear brakes



  • Front: Weld Racing Draglite15X3 aluminum
  • Rear: Weld Racing Draglite 15X10 aluminum custom Mac-Fab beadlocks


  • Front: MTT-ET Front 28X4.0-15
  • Rear: MTT-ET Drag Slicks (multiple choices of sidewall material and sizes)


  • Watson Racing Drag Pak Style 3 Gal Fuel Cell & Lines
  • Hotwire Wire Looms & Bulkhead


  • Custom Glasstek Duster RedEye Style Hood and Pins
  • Pro-glass Windshield & Side Windows
  • Line lock & brake pressure switch
  • Holley Dominator EFI & 7" Digital Dash
  • Racepak Smartwire PDM



  • Direct Connection HEMI RedEye Crate Engine and PDM
  • DC Drag Pak Style Reid Racing Drag Pak Transmission
  • ATI Ultra Case TH400 & Mounts
  • WELD Beadlock Lightweight Wheels (Shown)
  • TTI Hemi Conversion Headers and Collectors
  • Watson Drag Pak Racing Intercooler & Ice Tank
  • TWISTER Wrap Options by Rage Wraps

Whenever possible, we finish our pre-built cars in the colors the factory offered - and we target cars that are HIPO colors that look really good on Dodge and Plymouth brand race cars. 

After construction and paint, exterior areas that are wrapped in a protective film  so that they can enter the process to be assembled to final Rolling Chassis State. The Rollers are delivered with a PAYR Gen3 HEMI, Big Block or Small Block Placeholder engine with exhaust bolted up.

There are two levels of the TWISTER RedEye that we are offering today

  • Our TWISTER SuperCar 255 - for 7.50 ET's / 190 MPH
  • Our TWISTER SuperPro - designed for 8.50 ET's / 170 MPH

See below our READY-2-ROCK TWISTER Chassis Shown below in High Impact (aka HIPO) color examples


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