Looking for the next aftermarket kit car, inspired by its predecessor? Want a rare chassis for your modern drivetrain? This F-Body does it all!

Our F-King Send Kit represents Richard Petty's kit car with modernized chassis architecture and proven aftermarket assemblies. 

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These models are built from select 1976-80 F-Body Slant 6 and 318 models from used market inventory. We don't cut up original 360 R/T VINs! 

Its available as a complete kit or rolling chassis that's designed for the 6.4L 392 HEMI Crate Motor. It's chassis variants are intended for NHRA 10.50 Classes and SCCA Road Race Classes. Available in two configurations and many factory paint codes.

At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used cores we can find on the market. Fair Mileage cores without major rust damage are taken from the dry United States climates.

Each car is hand-selected, disassembled, and then converted into killer door slammer or road racer, which receive an NHRA or SCCA approval before delivery to any customer.


  • 10.49 ET certified Chromoly roll bar
  • Full 2015-2021 Dodge Charger Interior (Conversion)
Boneshaker Decal Collage

  • MagnumForce Tubular front suspension
  • Rack and Pinion Steering assembly with adjustable column
  • Manual 16:1 (Street) or 20:1 ratio steering rack (Drag)
  • Power steering 16:1 ratio steering rack (Road Race)
  • Moser M.875 Axle Housing
  • Moser 8.75" Aluminum center section and housing
  • Steel 3" Race-ready prop shaft
  • Cal-Trac Leafs and Pivots
  • Locked differential with limited slip
  • 70/30 Adjustable Shocks
  • Moser Engineering high-count spline drilled axles kit
  • Spicer u-joints & hardware
  • 11" Brembo front & rear brakes
  • Front: WELD racing15X4.5 aluminum (Drag)
  • Rear: WELD racing 15X10 aluminum (Drag)
  • Front: MTT-ET Front 26.0x4.0x15 (Drag)
  • Rear: MTT-ET Drag Slick 28.0x9.0x15 (Drag)
  • 5 Gal Fuel Cell & Lines (Drag)
  • 15 Gal Fuel Tank & Lines (Road Race)
  • Prefabricated Wire Looms & Bulkhead
  • Pro-glass Windshield & Windows
  • Line lock & brake pressure switch
  • Holley Terminator X EFI & 7" Digital Dash 
 Open engine bay with 6.4L HEMI collage

R2Rock® OPTIONS (Drag)
  • Cope 518 with Overdrive (Drag)
  • WELD Beadlock Lightweight Wheels (Drag)
  • (Gen 3 Only) HEMI American Racing Headers (Drag)
  • Intercooler & Rear Mount Ice Tank (Drag)
  • Window net and driveshaft loop
  • Cross-form parachute; integrated mount (Drag)
  • Rage Wraps - 6.4 Wrap Option

Below are variants of the Rage Wraps "6.4" wrap and the "Boneshaker" wrap

F-King Color Variants and Wraps

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