This is the fastest X-Body Roller on this planet...

and every other planet in this solar system.

We've created an SFI pre-certified roller for the Chevrolet Performance Parts COPO program.

Starting at $22,095


Now you can afford the world's fastest chassis. The SUPRNOVA. The world's fastest roller is now available to use the COPO power-train platform, at a price you can afford. Order yours today and run with the best of them.

We build every chassis from the industry grade materials - proven and certified to keep you safe, rigid and straight in your race.

 At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used rust-free cores we can find on the market. Low Mileage, salt-free cores taken from the dry West and Southern United States climates. We never cut up the high-demand models: so you won't find the Super Sport or Rallye Sport VINs in our assembly line. However, if that's the model what you have, we can convert yours for you.

Each X-Body Chevy core is hand-selected from the market, fully disassembled, soda/sand and water blasted, and then converted into killer door slammers, that get the NHRA pre-approval before delivery to the customer.

Quick Details

  • Carbon Fiber Front End - Ultra-lightweight body and adds strength to structure
  • Partially Stock Panels- Steel roof, steel quarters, and steel undercarriage
  • Strong Rolling Chassis - The chassis is certified to 6.0
  • Running Tires - 33.0/17.0-16 Hoosier slicks
  • More Than Just a Chassis - We offer an extensive range of vehicle parts and accessories
  • 7.50 ET certified chromoly tube roll cage and frame
  • Racetech lightweight FIA certified seats
  • SFI & FIA certified safety harnesses
  • Window net and driveshaft loop
  • Manual steering rack (15:1 ratio)

History Snippet

Chevy’s Nova, in its early versions, was one of the most popular cars with generations of car enthusiasts. The Nova was designed as a counter to Ford’s Falcon/Comet and Chrysler’s Dart and Valiant. The “compact car” wars were beginning to heat up even then. The Nova was a member of GM’s X-body lineup. It was of unibody construction, making body repairs fairly easy. One thing you may not know is that it wasn’t based on anything else; no other current cars influenced its design.

The Nova’s Early History

OLD School Nova Pictures | Chevy Nova Forum

Chevy introduced the Nova to the US market in late 1961 as a 1962 vehicle. At the time, it was known as the Chevy II, though. Three trims were available: Chevy II 100, Chevy II 300, and the Chevy II Nova 400. Buyers had their choice of several body styles:

History information borrowed respectfully from Chevy Hardcore - Chevy Nova: The Car That Almost Didn’t Go

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