The Fox-in-the-Box is the first NHRA-legal out of the crate chassis, that is ready to to arrive at your doorstep, with EVERYTHING you need to install your driveline. Engine plates, NHRA Cert..the whole deal.

Let's crack this crate open, shall we?

Fox Chassis - Ready-2-Roll

Body-in-Color (or white) Starting at $24,095

If you want a Strip-Ready Car that's Ready-2-Roll, then get the FOXBOX Rolling Chassis. Our Fox comes standard with 10.5W slicks, aluminum panels and wheels, a fiberglass hood, and NHRA-legal SFI certification so that you can compete at national events the day you install your driveline.

At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used rust-free cores we can find on the market. Low Mileage, salt-free cores taken from the dry West and Southern U.S. climates. We never cut up the high-demand models: so you won't find the Cobra VIN's in our assembly line. However, if that's the model that you have, than we can convert yours for you.

Each 79-93 Fox Chassis core is hand-selected from the market, fully disassembled, soda/sand and water blasted, and then converted into a killer door slammer, and get the stamp of approval by the NHRA before its delivered to you.

This FOXBOX Roller is not just another race car. It's fast, lightweight, and designed specifically for NHRA and NMRA racing.

✔ SFI certified as safe to use

✔ Lightweight design

✔ Chassis is developed to handle 1500+hp


 Fox Roller in Viper Red

Shipped to you, with or without a driveline. Want a fresh Coyote 5.0 to install? Give us a call.


History of the Fox Body and the NMRA

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The NMRA Nationals Series is the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the US. This is thanks to some of the most action-packed Mustang heads-up drag racing out there along with an all-Ford car show hosted at every event, manufacturers midway, burnout contest, and more. Much like the NHRA, there are specific classes in NMRA Drag Racing where your vehicle would fall into. This goes for everything from a lightly modified bolt-on 2015 Mustang GT running mid 12s to a gutted-out single turbo Fox Body on 10.5” slicks running 8s.

The best part is, no matter what kind of enthusiast you are, there is a home for you at an NMRA Drag Event. If your Mustang is a show car and will never see the strip, you can enter the car in the car show. Looking to see what your weekend driver pony car can do down the quarter-mile? Enter True Street and join in on the fun with a 30-mile cruise and 3 passes down 1320! Just want to check out the vendors? Ford Performance and many other vendors are lined up on the Midway showing off the latest and greatest when it comes to vehicles, parts, and more.

Read More about the history from this SOURCE CJ Pony Parts: WHAT IS NMRA?

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