Another icon makes its way in with the high rollers. The Buick Regal and Grand National find their way into the Ready Chassis portfolio in a refreshing way.

These models are built from select 1978-87 G-Body T-Types and Grand Nationals models from used market inventory. We don't cut up original GNX VINs! However, if you want you're GNX converted, we'll do it!

Its available as a complete kit or rolling chassis that's designed for A HYDROGEN-POWERED SUPERCHARGED CHEVY V8. It's chassis variant is intended for NHRA 9.99 Class Racing.  Available in one configuration a factory paint code or a pair of custom paint codes.

At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used cores we can find on the market. Fair Mileage cores without major rust damage are taken from the dry United States climates.

Each car is hand-selected, disassembled, and then converted into killer door slammer or road racer, which receive an NHRA or SCCA approval before delivery to any customer.

Talk is cheap. Gas is expensive. Racing is fun. So let's meet in the middle.


Quick Details

  • 9.99 ET certified Chromoly roll cage
  • Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame Front Suspension Package
  • LS Engine Mounts
  • AC Motors Liquid Intercooler
  • 11" Brembo front & rear brakes
  • 70/30 Adjustable Shocks
  • Steering 16:1 ratio steering rack
  • Custom Floor channels for Fuel Cell Installment
  • Electronic Transmission Tunnel Mounts
  • Factory GNX Black, SuperCell Blue or Chromoly Silver
  • More Details Coming Soon






    This is a roller that is ready for hydrogen-powered racing.

    We know it's crazy. That's why it works.

    Starting at $32,095

    Looking for something new? Something different? Something that is not a gas guzzler? Then look no further than the Hydrogen-powered Buick Regal race car. A tribute to a generation of innovation.

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